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Big Event


Story by Kendall Conrad '14 | Vol. I Issue 2

One Saturday a year, students from Texas A&M take time out of their crazy schedules to accomplish a common goal: to say “thank you” to the community by participating in local volunteer jobs such as yard-work, painting and cleaning.

I have participated in The Big Event for the past four years with jobs ranging from weeding flower beds to painting a driveway. Some of my best memories from college are from The Big Event and the people I participated with. The days included uncontrollable laughter, bonding, socializing and making new friends. When school work was my top priority, it was easy to forget how thankful I was to have a city that appreciates and supports me. Most college towns roll their eyes at the thought of college students, but that isn’t the case here at Texas A&M. The entire Bryan/College Station (BCS) area welcomes its students with open arms, because they love their Ags and embrace what they contribute to the community. As students, we recognize this and fit only a fraction of our gratitude into one Saturday in March.

I am originally from this area, so I understand and recognize the need to say thank you to the community. What made me proud to be a student at Texas A&M was the fact that students who come here from all over the globe get as excited as me, a local, to make the community beautiful by putting in a little elbow grease.

The Big Event is only one way to get involved here at Texas A&M. There are over 950 student organizations that students can get involved in, and that number reflects how involved our entire student body is. Students at Texas A&M are involved because they want to be, not because it is a requirement. Participating in a student organization helps make this large campus seem like a much smaller one, especially when you have a network of friends from organizations who share the same interests as you. If you were to ask any graduating college senior for their best advice, they would tell you to get involved. Four years fly by, and before you know it you’re ordering graduation invitations and ironing your graduation gown. These are the years you cannot replace or relive, except for the small moments in your day when you can recall the memories you keep tucked away in your brain. Student organizations help facilitate a unique experience here at Texas A&M and I can guarantee they will change your life.

Big Event


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